Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The First Week of a New Semester

The first week of new semester is always exciting! Maybe you were tired of the break, maybe the break wasn't long enough. But either way, here are thoughts everyone has the first week of school by the day.

Monday: You're either super stoked, or couldn't care less.

Option 1: You seriously can't wait to get there

Option 2: Remind me why I just can't sleep all day?
Option 3. But if we have to come, might as well look like a bad ass. 
Tuesday: First day of classes either BOMBED, or you're ready for more. #comeatmebro

Option 1: You work it honey. You rock those classes!

Option 2: Please, just please... go away.

Option 3: If all else fails... there's always the excitement of looking for the new hot kids in all your classes.

Wednesday: A trivial day. Even if the first two days were good, you're done. You're over it. Is it the weekend yet?

1. Someone. please help.
2. Dressing up  like a cat and taking naps. I can't think of anything better.
Thursday: Only one more day till the weekend. YOU CAN DO THIS.

1. It's ALMOST Friday. Keep your head up little guy.

FRIDAY: Halleluljah! It's Friday!

1. You're done with your first week of school
2. You know what to do.
3. We can all learn good lessons from Bart.


1. Yes. Yes we are.

Sunday: Recovery day.. because we all know what tomorrow is.....

1. This sleeping and napping thing is great. UNITL YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP MONDAY MORNING
Monday Morning: Keep on trucking my friend.

1. Thank you Buster for letting us know we are not alone.

If I can survive the first week of college for the 8th time, I can survive survivor.
Sherri Riggs
-the Survivor Girl