Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Want to be a Survivor Contestant for Halloween

Since Halloween is only a few days away, I thought I'd give some inspiration for some easy to make costumes for guys and girls. And I’m betting you already have these pieces in you closet; and that's the best last minute costume news ever!

The first costume is an actual Survivor contestant.

What you will need:

A buff. 

You can buy one online… OR you can chop up and old work-out shirt and keep the logo there so it looks like a buff. SO if you were on a coed soccer team in college and your team name was "the orange seahorses", make that old jersey your buff. BAM. The hardest part is done. 

Bikini top (for girls)

Don’t a have a bikini top? Well wear a sports bra, or a a bra-bra. Every survivor girl is a little “scandalous” so don’t worry about it. Plus it’s Halloween. no one will care!


Any short-shorts you own is perfect. But, the shorter the better!


Chaco’s, Nike’s, Tom’s etc. Whatever your choice of Survivor shoe is, where that.

MEN it’s your turn!
You can easily be a Survivor contestant with a make-shift buff and swimming trunks. 
You can be Jeff Probst!

What you will need:

A blue button up. Jeff Probst always wears a blue button up shirt.

Khaki shorts or pants.
Does this really need any explaining?

Tennis shoes.

How easy is that? Only three steps, and you are a Survivor contestant (or Jeff Probst)! Now go out and get your Survivor on my friends.

Sherri Riggs

-the Survivor Girl.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reality Television Isn't Really Real

I have a friend whose name is Bryan. He is a naysayer of almost everything. So whenever he gets the chance, he decides to be the Devil's advocate on lots of our conversations. One his favorite Devil's advocate conversations is the realness of Survivor. He claims that none of it is real! Me, being a Survivor junkie and wannabe, asked him to write a guest a blog. He declined my offer (because he knows he is wrong), but gave me points to talk about. So this is from the point of view from a reality TV hater. #HatersGunnaHate

1. "Did you know that they don't even stay out in the wild? They sleep in hotels!"

The back story to this accusation is that Bryan once went to Samoa. It just happened to be the EXACT same time that Survivor was being filmed for Survivor: Samoa. He and his family were supposed to stay in a nice resort there, but Survivor had rented out the "whole place!" So naturally, Bryan decides from that one experience that no, they don't sleep outside, they sleep in hotels.
I am going to go out on a limb and say these are false accusations. The contestants stay in the wild while they are still on the island. HOWEVER when they are voted off, they do get to be wined and dined off the island.

2. "They totally get fed that whole time. There is NO way they can live off what they actually show us they eat."

Well Bryan, sorry to break it to you, but you are for sure wrong here. The only evidence I need to prove you wrong is weight loss. All of the contestants lose upwards of 20 pounds each season! They only get the rice and beans that are portioned out to them in the beginning. Then the occasional food challenge in which they get great dining experiences. Over all though, no. No they do not get to eat whatever they want on the island.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Survivor application

What does the Survivor application look like? Well, here you go! Now you can look at one that has been filled out all the way, and you can know what to expect. 
Everything on here is 100% true, because lying is bad. Especially the part about my home address. 100% true.

First Name: Sherri

Last Name: Riggs

Email Address: riggssherri@gmail.com 
Home Address: Hogwarts

Applicants City: Orem 

What State: Utah

Home Phone: 867-5309

Cell Phone: 555-1021... I guess if you can find out the the first 6 numbers to my actual number, go ahead and text me or something. 

Occupation: Soon to be graduated student!

Birth Date: 6/22/1993

Height: 5’7 and three quarters. So… 5’8 for sure.

Weight: 145

Gender: Female

Hair color: Brunette (but blonde at heart ;))

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Highest Degree of Education: Almost a BS in Communication

Name of last School Attended: Southern Utah University

Relationship Status: It’s complicated..? Because if I’m being totally honest it is complicated, but for this sake I guess I’d choose the option: Single with Boyfriend… Whatever THAT means.

Self Biography: I would copy and paste my bio from this blog!

How much Survivor have you seen?: Enough to know I want to be on the show! But really I've 
watched for the last 8 years.

Applicant Photo:
#NoMakeup okay I guess this is makeup
from the night before, same thing right??

Yes, I have read and agree to the terms of service!

It's as easy as that. Obviously some of the options I wrote down are not options on the real Survivor application. But you will see when you get there. If you are having trouble actually finding the link, click here! And to bid you all ado, Jeff Probst is here telling you to apply
I like to think he is talking strictly to me, but considering the video has hundreds of thousands of views, he probably isn't.

Sherri Riggs, the Survivor Girl.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How do I apply for Survivor

How do I apply for Survivor?
I am very reluctant to show anyone how to do this because it will decrease my chances of getting on the show. BUT, I will do this for the betterment of the casting in hopes of creating a better show.

First you have to be 18. In some states you have to have to be a little bit older, but that information is on the casting website. Which you can find here.

Once you get to the casting website, it is pretty self-explanatory, but they will ask you tons of different questions, such as:
What is your height? What is your weight? Highest level of education? Are you single? What’s your ethnicity? Etc. There will be drop down menus which you can choose from.

They will also ask you to upload of picture of yourself, I would use a glamour shot. BUT, if you want to stand out, maybe you could use a wacko one where you are cross-eyed. Whatever tickles your fancy.

All of that stuff is pretty easy until you get to the three minute video. One of the hardest parts is how the video is supposed to look. Now get that out of your head. There is no “supposed to” for Survivor. I have researched and read so much about this. The bottom line is BE YOU. Don’t try too hard. Go somewhere comfortable and talk about yourself.

**You also have to do this all in one sitting. So make sure you have your video and picture ready to upload**

It would be helpful to have some editing skills (or find someone who does) to be able to put together multiple shots in your casting video. As interesting as the most interesting man in the world could be, no one wants to watch him talk about himself for three minutes on the same shot. BORING.

You can also go to any open casting calls. I have applied before and I went to Black Hawk Colorado for mine! It was my first time applying, and it was awful!! 18 year old Sherri would NOT (and did not) have made the cut.

So that is how you apply for Survivor! Be sure to do it in the fall or in the spring. That is when the casting directors really look for people (or so I've heard). Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow where I will be filling out the application and posting it! you will be able to see what my application looks like.

Sherri Riggs, Survivor Girl.
My cross eyed glamour shot?? Yup. This might make me stand out ;)

What happened last week on Survivor?

What happened on this week Survivor?
I really have no idea. That is why I am asking. Apparently John Rock was blindsided and voted off! I know that because CBS released the “Seven things that will surprise you about John Rock”.
I’m kind of sad that he is gone though. Was he a total jerk? Sure. But, it seemed like he tried hard to undo the stereotype of his old bigoted days. And it seems to show in in these 7 comments:

1.       John would have given Val his idol is she hadn’t lied about having one
a.       Val was going home. She knew the votes were going to be split! At that point, it would have been beneficial for her to tell the truth. I don’t blame Rocker at all.

2.       He felt Coyopa was outmatched athletically by Hunaphu
a.       Look at the tribes. Not only was Coyopa down two players going into Rocker being voted off, there tribe DOES look weeker. That being said, I like Hunaphu much more than I like Coyopa, so I’m too sad to agree.

3.       John considered Josh his closest ally and the strongest member of his tribe
a.       Poor John! Josh was just using him to get further along in the game, and it worked! I’m betting that Josh will be in the top three, and I would be very surprised if we don’t see him on a future season of Survivor.

4.       He thinks he would have been in trouble regardless of what happened during or after the immunity challenge
a.       It’s always a dangerous game being an old time celebrity on Survivor; ESPECIALLY if you try and hide it. If he would have been more open about who he was at the beginning, it might have been good for him! My advice to any celeb on Survivor: just reveal who you really are!!
5.       When he saw the first vote was for him, he knew he was probably going home
a.       Where on earth was his immunity idol?! I mean I know it was a blindside, but he now gets to go down in history as one of the few survivors who got voted off with an idol in his pocket. Rookie mistake.

6.       He’s friends with Jeremy, Val, Natalie and Nadiya and says the “twinnies” are a piece of work and little instigators but they’re fun to hang out with
a.       Rocker definitely reversed his own stereotype coming onto Survivor. I can see them all being friends because they are all similar in their personalities. But I would love to be a fly on the wall if they ever got in a fight. That would be a sight to see!

7.       The hardest Survival aspect of the game was being constantly hungry and not knowing when he would eat again. He lost 19 pounds in 10 days.
a.       If that’s the hardest past, SIGN ME UP. I don’t think there is a girl out there who would mind that type of weight loss.. But really, all joking aside, he was a BIG man! I could see that being a rough part for him. Me, I’m a college student! I’m used to wondering where my next meal is coming from and if I can get it for free!

Now that I sound like every college student EVER.. Thanks for reading my thoughts on John Rocker’s thoughts. I wish he could have stuck around, I don’t mind watching drama unfold. Until next time,
Sherri Riggs, the Survivor Girl

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why I SHOULD be on Survivor

In my first post I talked about why I should NOT be on Survivor. Bold move? I don't think so. I know my weaknesses, and small boobs just happens to be one of them! But now, here are a few reasons why I SHOULD be on Survivor:

1.     I’m athletic. I was an athlete in high school. I was the captain (and goalie) of my varsity soccer team. I also played basketball and made the team from pure brute force. My coach would call me the “enforcer”. When he wanted to shut a girl down, he’d put me in. They might have had 50 pounds on me, but girls get annoyed and start playing a little worse when you keep throwing elbows and hold onto their jerseys. I am not proud of how I played, but I am proud of the time of played. I continue to stay athletic in college by rock climbing, hiking, running, swimming, the works.

2.     I’m smart. I'll be graduating with honors AND a semester early with my Bachelors of Science in Communication. I could keep going on and say I’m the president of the communication honor society (Lambda Pi Eta), and that I won the outstanding student athlete award presented to me by the army national guard, but, that’s just bragging!

Jeff Probst, Charlie Parsons and Mark Burnett, currently we are dating, but you don’t know it yet. I’m like that girl on campus you never used to see, but she kept coming around and you weren't sure if it was creepy or endearing…. So for now, just sit back and enjoy the ride! And cast me. Because I’d be a perfect fit for YOU.

Sherri Riggs, Survivor Girl
Yes, I am standing on top of 9 ft. beach ball.